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Nicholas Bereza

Nicholas Bereza is a computer scientist and an educator. In 2002 he founded NE Computer Solutions that now provides technical consulting, services, and products to many clients throughout the Northeastern United States. He has over a decades worth of experience developing innovative software and deploying system architectures for a variety of clients including the University of Connecticut and the University of New Haven. As an adjunct professor he has taught computer courses at Norwalk Community College, and critical infrastructure protection courses at the University of New Haven/Sandia National Lab join graduate program. Nick also provides continuing education through free seminars and courses ranging from computer security to system administration.

When Nick is not at a computer terminal, you can find him in a kitchen experimenting with new recipes, snowboarding, or Mountain Biking throughout New England.

Eric Soares

After studying Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Connecticut, Eric Soares became a founding member of NE Computer Solutions. He has developed specialized applications incorporating database management systems, graphical interfaces, and intelligent algorithms for many organizations. He has deployed his solutions in a variety of environments ranging from hand held devices to the Internet. He is fluent in many programming languages including C, C++, Object C, Java, PHP, ASP, and Javascript (to name a few). He also provides continuing education through free seminars and courses in web development and computer programming.

Eric enjoys taking time out to photo & train his GSD Frizbee

Gregory Krol

Studying Computer Science at Eastern Connecticut State University, Greg greatly enjoys the problem solving aspect of his job. Learning is an integral part of problem solving, and that is how he learns best. From building his first computer at the age of 10 to creating a personalized Archlinux environment, Greg has always been hands on. He solves problems by gaining in depth knowledge of a system through analysis of the inner-workings and processes involved. Greg enjoys coding in Python and Java. Web design and Development are ongoing interest for him.

While balancing classes, work, and Computer Science interests, Greg likes to make time for artisan crafts and photography.

Ann Bross

A recent graduate of the University of Connecticut, Ann works to expand NE Computer Solutions' online presence through social media marketing. She appreciates that each day provides the opportunity to expand her knowledge base and better understand the fast-paced world of technology. Ann majored in English and History, and especially enjoys those aspects of her job which allow her to write, which is why she considers it a privilege to organize and occasionally author the company blog.

During her time away from the office Ann explores her passion for medieval history and literature, as well as her love for music.

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