Our Mission

At NE Computer Solutions, LLC we believe that technology can be used to achieve growth and success, in business as well as in society. We enable our clients to effectively harness this tool by sculpting unique and well-crafted solutions to meet their evolving needs. We always consider ourselves to be students, and approach each new challenge as an opportunity to learn and improve. Finally, we look towards the future with a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation: finding refreshing solutions for the digital age, helping others to achieve their goals, and working to advance cooperation and creativity within our local community.

Our Company

NE Computer Solutions, LLC is a computer and technology firm located in Bloomfield, Connecticut. We have been helping people with their technology needs since 2002.

Our approach is simple. We develop a relationship with our customer, learn and understand their needs, then work together to solve their problems and achieve their goals.

We understand the importance of technology in today's businesses, and firmly believe technology should help a business grow; not be what is holding it back. All too often issues with technology hinder the day to day activities of a business. Our goal is to create a situation where technology is working as effectively and efficiently as possible so you can focus on what means most to you, your business.

NE Computer Solutions' diverse services and technical understandings allow us to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, products and systems. We can create and maintain your internal infrastructure, develop and host your website, build a desktop application to securely update your website from your internal network, and develop an iPhone application for your employees to connect with you from the road. Whether you want to take your technology solutions to the extreme, or just need a little help, we are here for you. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you don't have to worry about coordinating your technological needs as your business and dreams grow. One phone number, one website; we have you covered. Feel free to explore our services page for the details on how we can help your business.

Have you found yourself saying: "I have this great idea but how would I go about creating something like that?" Have you had computer troubles and thought "If only I had reliable, down to earth IT support."? This is where NE Computer Solutions can help. Give us a call at 860.243.9896, or visit our contact page and let us help turn your ideas for your business into a reality.

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